off and on since the 1980s.

The Story So Far

Born and raised in England, Dan worked in entertainment at The Farm in London prior to coming to Los Angeles to get his MFA at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television.  After graduating, he joined the creative team of The Weinstein Company’s Production/Development department, before leaving to start his own non-scripted production company, Idiomatic Entertainment.  Dan created, produced and developed reality shows for VH1, Comedy Central, A&E, Animal Planet and HGTV until, in 2009, he returned to the scripted world with Oprah Winfrey's, Harpo Films.  As Vice President of Development he serviced Harpo’s exclusive HBO deal for TV series, movies and miniseries, as well as theatrical projects.

Today, after rattling around as a freelance director, editor, producer and writer for a number of companies, including Fishbowl Worldwide Media, Campanario Ent., and Lifetime, Dan is now a full time member of the Karga Seven Pictures team. As Head of Specialty Projects at Karga, Dan focuses on the creation of long form domestic and international investigative series and documentaries as well as scripted projects for all major networks and markets.

(P.S: Hey, this is Dan. I don't know who wrote this weird insurance seminar grade bio, but they really need to get out there and live a little. Let's just hang out and chat. We can take photos of it. Sound better? Good. See ya.)

Full Credits



Supervising Producer : JFK DECLASSIFIED: TRACKING OSWALD, HISTORY CHANNEL / Karga 7 Pictures (2016)

Supervising Producer : HUNTING HITLER, HISTORY CHANNEL / Karga 7 Pictures (2015)

Associate Producer: SMILE (Series), LIFETIME / 11th Street Productions (2014-15)

Executive Producer: ON THE MARKET (Pilot), HGTV / Fishbowl Worldwide Media (2011)

Co-Executive Producer: THE SAFECRACKER (Pilot), A&E / Pilgrim Studios (2011)

Story Producer: WHALE WARS, Season 2, Animal Planet / Lizard Trading Co. (2009)

Story Producer: VIRUS HUNTERS (Pilot), Animal Planet / Lizard Trading Co. (2009)

Writer/Consulting Producer: SUICIDE GIRLS (Pilot), VH1 / 3 Ball Prods./Handprint Ent. (2010)

Writer/Consulting Producer: THE PICKUP ARTIST, Season 2, VH1 / 3 Ball Prods.  (2008)

Writer/Consulting Producer: REALITY BITES BACK, Comedy Central / 3 Ball Prods. (2008)

Writer/Consulting Producer: GROOMER HAS IT, Animal Planet 3 Ball Prods. (2008)


Director/Producer: FLOAT READER APP, Launch Commercial, (2011)

Director/Producer: WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM TECHNOLOGY PIONEER AWARD Profile, Adler and Jared Friedman (2010)


Editor: Hard Pack (2015) 

Director/Writer/Editor: A LIFE IN FLOWERS (2015) 

Director/Writer/Editor: Personal Narrative Vol. 2: JOSHUA (2015) 

Director/Writer/Editor: Personal Narrative Vol. 1: JOEY (2014)

Director/Writer/Editor: Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes (2014)

Director/Writer/Editor: FOOD! (2014)

Director/Writer/Producer: Thank You Sonos! (2014)

Director/Writer: Before We Met You (2014)


Executive Producer: GEEKS GUIDE TO AMERICA, BermanBraun/Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman attached to host.

Executive Producer: VERSE, Katalyst Media/Tyranny Allen.

Executive Producer: DIRT, Super Delicious.

Executive Producer: TMI, Blueprint Ent. (eOne Television)/Alan Thicke attached to host.

Executive Producer: PEE WEE CHALLENGE, Boombaby Prods./Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley attached to host.

Executive Producer: SEX, BUGS, AND ROCK & ROLL, Original Prods.

Consulting Producer: DANCE FEVER, Merv Griffin Ent./Britney Spears attached to Host.

Executive Producer: WEEKENDS WITH MCCAW, Peace Arch Ent./Leslie McCaw attached to host.

Executive Producer: BORDER RESCUE, Dept. of Homeland Security/Blueprint Ent. (eOne Television).

Co-Executive Producer: PROMO DONNAS, E! Canada/Blueprint Ent. (eOne Television) 

* Showreel, Sizzle reels and series treatments available upon request.